Berkey® Water Filter Canada – What Is the Berkey® Secret

You must be asking yourself in how Berkey® water filter systems reduce all the heavy metals found in regular water such as copper, lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, and mercury along with other unhealthy sediments. Or how Berkey® water filter purification systems are able to remove cysts, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, pesticides, detergents, foul tastes, and odors.
This is all possible using the Berkey® water filter design and filtration process. It combines the old age process of micro porous filtration coupled with the state of the art quality materials used in the Berkey® water filters and elements. With this process the harmful elements are removes but all the good minerals are kept in your clean drinking water. The media within these elements remove contaminants by a surface Phenom know as adsorption. The advanced technology was developed, refined, proven through the years of thorough investigative, diligent research, and testing. It was performed by the highest head of states including water purification researchers, specialists, and engineers.

Why are Berkey® water filter purification systems so good and effective?

Berkey® water filters are on a level of their own compared to the competition in the water filter market. The filters are unique in their strong ability to meet the needs and wants of various users worldwide. This means that you will not have to comprise or sacrifice any of the following attributes you consider necessary.

Economical factor surrounding Berkey® water filters:

The water filtration elements inside every Berkey® water filters are cleanable. That makes them reusable and able to produce up to 3,000 gallons/ 11,356 liters of fresh, clear, and tasteful water. This saves an extensive amount of money due to the fact of not having to replace the filters often as you would have to do with other filter companies.

The Big Berkey® water filtration systems comes with 2 filters. The life of one filter is 3,000 gallons so with 2 filters it will be 6,000 gallons. 4 people would drink about 1-4 gallons a day, meaning that the filter could be used up to 5 years! You could use the Berkey® water filter for cooking and drinking water without having to keep changing filter elements. That’s less than 1.8 pennies per gallon.

Water filtering capability and ability:

All of the Berkey® water filters produce amazing purified drinking water that is not available elsewhere. Berkey® water filters clean your water so it removes all its parasites, viruses, and pathogens but still keeps al the beneficial minerals and nutrients your body needs to function and process at the highest level. Berkey® water filters surpass standards that people thought were never possible before.


Berkey® water filters are best water filters and are used worldwide to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals, families, organizations, and other groups. Berkey® water filters have a wide range of sizes and filter configurations so there is a system and element for everyone. Berkey® water filters are able to handle any size ranging from individuals to a large group of people up to 152 individuals. Berkey® water filters are great for in house use but also for outdoors where fresh and clean water is not available. Emergency workers depends on Berkey® water filters to take care of their water problems and make undrinkable water drinkable by using Berkey® water filters. Countries where natural disaster strike often are constantly using Berkey® water filters at the highest level due to the fact of being able to drink clean and safe water in case of any sudden emergency. People are buying Berkey® water filters to prepare for events such as economic meltdowns, air born disease, and other questionable events that come out of thin air. Individuals and families that are health conscious use the Berkey® water filters so their water becomes free of containments that are harmful for their bodies. Areas that don’t have access to clean water rely on our Berkey® water filter systems. People in remote areas use sources like streams or lakes trust the Berkey® line of products and are very satisfied with the filters of their choosing.

Simple to use:

Berkey® water filters use a very simple technology. The technology that Berkey® water filters use is able to handle the very smallest of viruses and containments making it the best most powerful and efficient water filtrations system available. The simplest foolproof methods are used starting with microfiltration.
Microfiltration (commonly abbreviated to MF) is a type of physical filtration process where a contaminated fluid is passed through a special pore-sized membrane to separate microorganisms and suspended particles from process liquid.

The pore structure in black Berkey® filtering element is very small so that doesn’t allow minute organisms to pass through. To make this microscopic structure even more powerful Berkey® water filters use ionic absorption. Ionic absorption ass ionic charge that repels many other harmful containments that would otherwise pass through the filter. This includes chemicals, pesticides, and other heavy and harmful metals. No other filters are able to do this, thus making the Berkey® water filters in a class of their own. These abilities are built specifically into the filter stricter and they do not wear out or diminish in quality over time as you continue to filter your water day in and day out. All you need to do to maintain your Berkey® water filter systems is to clean the stainless steel container from time to time and remove the containments that are trapped within the outermost surface of the elements. This make Berkey® water filters an amazing product to have due to the fact it is simple to use and maintain; and is backed up by foolproof use of concept strategies.

Control your own quality of water:

When you buy water bottles or fill jugs from water fill stations not only are you wasting your hard earned money, you also don’t know the exact quality for water that is being offered to you. Some question you have to ask yourself is that are the bottled water you are buying going through regular filtration processes to get rid of the viruses and containments it might contain? Are the fill stations you are constantly using going through regular checkups to make sure the machine and filtering elements working properly to sure you get good clean drinkable water or is the person who is in charge and responsible for cleaning the machine not doing the job properly thus allowing the water you fill up to be filled with deadly and harmful bacteria and viruses? These are all important questions to ask. When you buy a Berkey® water filter systems you are always in charge of what your drink, because you know that the water you are drinking is being purified at the highest quality available. Also Berkey® water filters will save you tremendous amounts of money in the short and long run.