Travel Berkey Counter Top Gravity Water Filter

Travel Berkey Counter Top Gravity Water Filter


From numerous points of view, the Travel Berkey BTX2-BB is a downsized rendition of our #1 pick for best gravity water channel. With a similar brilliant stainless steel development and Berkey building, the BTX2-BB wins the majority of the honors we granted our #1 pick. Need a cheaper alternative? Try the Travel Berkey Earth!

It additionally makes utilization of the same Berkey filtration components. Be that as it may, though the Berkey Imperial offered the capacity to utilize around 6 channel components, the Berkey Travel just offers the capacity to utilize something like two channel components. Out of the container, the Berkey Travel is outfitted with two of the effective universally useful Berkey Black Filter Elements, a perfect setup for handling water sourced from non-consumable outside areas like waterways, streams, lakes, and lakes.

Having just two channel components cuts the size and cost of the Berkey Travel contrasted with its enormous sibling the Imperial. Luckily this cutting back does little to decrease the brilliant filtration on offer. Furnished with two Berkey Black channels, the Travel is fit for evacuating >99.9% of microscopic organisms, sores, protozoa, parasites, and other awful microorganisms. The channels are fit for expelling a colossal scope of contamination’s and chemicals, including things like pesticides, natural solvents, nitrites, lead, mercury, and considerably more.

Vitally, the Berkey Travel can’t be furnished with the PF-2 Arsenic/Fluoride channels, so it can’t be made to channel fluoride. The Berkey PF-2 channels must be utilized as a part of conjunction with an equivalent number of Black Berkey channels, and PF-2 Arsenic/Fluoride channels are not intended to be utilized freely.


Estimated For Portability – Camping and Outdoors Water Filter Companion

Berkey Travel Countertop Gravity Water FilterSo how much littler is the Berkey Travel? At the point when being used, it quantifies 18″ in stature, an entire 8″ shorter than the Berkey Imperial. Exhaust, it measures a humble 6.5 pounds. Be that as it may, its stockpiling limit is just 1.5 gallons, certainly a bit on the little side. Gratefully the Berkey Travel has an extraordinary stream rate, similar to all Black Berkey Filters, presenting to 2.75 gallons for each hour at most extreme filtration stream rate. As per Berkey, this is perfect for the day by day needs of around 3-5 individuals, despite the fact that in a crisis circumstance the Berkey Travel can be arranged to accommodate 33-66 individuals per day.

Outfitted with the standard arrangement of two Black Berkey channel components, the channel lifetime is an exceptionally great 6,000 gallons, or around 4,000 refills of the Berkey Travel’s minimal 1.5 gallon limit.

The Travel Berkey completes an awesome activity of satisfying its name. It is a perfect friend on an outdoors trip, or an absolute necessity pack in your watercraft or RV. In a crisis, the Travel Berkey could truly spare many lives. Be that as it may, notwithstanding for plain old consistently utilize, the Berkey Travel proves to be useful to make your water as delectable and top notch as can be or decreasing your need to pack a colossal measure of water on your outdoors trip. Rather than dragging gallons of dilute the trail, the Berkey Travel can give water to your entire outdoors gathering and crumple down around 12″ in stature.

Berkey Filters have a tendency to have incredible deals and awesome arrangements including alternatives like their marked down Scratch and Dent models which have minor restorative defects yet are still totally utilitarian. Look at the Berkey Filters site to perceive what sort of investment funds are accessible. Buy your Travel Berkey now!