Step Down Voltage Converter

British Berkefeld Earth
January 7, 2018
Berkey Auxiliary Battery Adapter™ For LED Lights Base - Berkey Canada
Berkey Auxiliary Battery Adapter™
January 7, 2018
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Step Down Voltage Converter Is For The Berkey Light Base with LED Lights Option!

Berkey Water Filter Canada Now Offers The Step Down Voltage Converter.

  • 50 Watt Step- Down Voltage Converter for use overseas with the Berkey Light Base with LED Lights.
  • Converts foreign electricity (220/230 volts) to U.S. electricity (110/120 volts).
  • “Power On” LED indicator.
  • Pure AC output for use with appliances rated from 0 to 50 watts.
  • Replaceable fuse for overload protection.
  • Round overseas two-prong plug may require additional plug adapter in some countries.
  • For indoor use only; do not use to operate appliances exceeding 50 watts.


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