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  • This item is not eleigible for refund or return once opened
  • Prudent Places USA 4th Edition® CD-ROM is a collection of pertinent information which can help you locate the “prudent” places to live during these turbulent times
  • It covers 69 main topics within the following categories:  Natural Disasters, Manmade Disasters, Environmental Basics, Environmental Problems, Energy, People and Places
  • The maps can help you learn about the pros and cons of the community you call home and prepare for the unexpected
  • Includes 550 full color, high resolution maps, numerous information tables and photographs of America
  • When printed, 80 maps are each over 6 feet square, showing details for America’s 3,141 counties
  • Prudent Places USA is a CD-ROM which requires a computer (PC or Mac compatible) to read and view it. It will not work in either a “stand alone” CD or DVD player


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