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Berkey Water Filter Canada offers Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Stand
Berkey Base™ Stainless Steel Wire Stand (Rubberized Non-Skid Feet)
September 11, 2017
Berkey Canada Offers The Berkey Berkey Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Element (Ceramic Filter) 7″ & 9”. Sold as a single filter element.
Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Element (Ceramic Filter) 7″ & 9”
September 11, 2017
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Berkey BioFilm Drops Canada – BioFilm Drops Canada – Berkey BioFilm – Product Description

  • Berkey Water Filter Canada Offers Berkey Biofilm Drops™ are used for storing and maintaining pure, fresh water.
  • Scientifically engineered and patented Copper-Silver Ion solution in the defense of biofilm related bacteria in ceramic water filters, carbon (charcoal filters) and water storage containers.
  • Especially formulated for use in harvested rainwater containers, long term storage water containers and for use in emergency preparedness and disaster relief.
  • May be used with any type of filter media but works best with Black Berkey® Purification Elements.
  • Extends the shelf life of water being stored for up to 5 years.
  • Extends the time between element cleanings.
  • Eliminates the need to rotate stored water every six months and keeps your water fresh-tasting and odor-free.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Berkey Biofilm drops weight: 0.50 LBS.

More Information:

Use Berkey Biofilm Drops to extend the shelf life of water being stored for up to 5 years and even more. Using Berkey Biofilm Drops eliminates the need to rotate your stored water every 6-7 months and keeps your water crystal clear, fresh tasting and odor free.
Berkey BioFilm Drops have been scientifically engineered for use in the defense of biofilm formation in ceramic water filters and water storage containers alike.
Berkey Biofilm Drops work by incorporating multiple barrier processes for inhibiting the growth and regrowth of biofilms, utilizing natural mineral ions of copper and silver in an ion technology along with other additives and complexants to synergistically aid in the control and precipitation of iron, calcium, minerals and scale where biofilm bacteria attach, form, feed and breed. The Berkey Biofilm drops are a great return on investment product.

FAQ’s about Biofilms:

1) What makes up a biofilm?

The water system biofilm is highly complex, containing corrosion products, clay material, fresh water diatoms, and filamentous bacteria. The biofilm on the medical device, on the other hand, appears to be composed of a single, coccoid organism and the associated extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) matrix.


2) How biofilms are formed?

The biofilms are formed when bacteria adhere to a solid surface and enclose themselves in a sticky polysaccharide. Once this polysaccharide is formed the bacteria can no longer leave the surface, and when new bacteria are produced they stay within the polysaccharide layer


3) What causes biofilm formation?

Bacteria can survive long periods of time in water, animal manure, and soil, causing biofilm formation on plants or in the processing equipment. … Biofilms have been connected to about 80% of bacterial infections in the United States. In produce, microorganisms attach to the surfaces and biofilms develop internally


4) What does biofilm mean in microbiology?

Biofilm. (bī’ō-fĭlm’) A complex structure adhering to surfaces that are regularly in contact with water, consisting of colonies of bacteria and usually other microorganisms such as yeasts, fungi, and protozoa that secrete a mucilaginous protective coating in which they are encased.


7 reviews for Berkey BioFilm Drops™

  1. Kim Cerna

    I bought this for my Berkey Light Earth filter, the science behind this is very good.

  2. Stacy Almer

    I like the bio-film drops,
    i use them often.
    Recommend to all users.

  3. Adam

    Going out of town, great that this is an option to preserve the water.

  4. Lenny W

    Bought this for my Imperial model

  5. Robyn

    Excellent product no more algae or slimy buildup since I started using the drops… Highly recommended!

  6. Amanda

    Nice innovative product!

  7. Ben

    Must have! read about bio-film and you will find out more details about why this is a great product.

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