Imperial Berkey Counter Top Gravity Water Filter

Imperial Berkey Counter Top Gravity Water Filter


Probably the premiere name in the world of counter top gravity water filters, Berkey has a huge line of gravity filters made to suit a variety of needs. While the sizes, shapes, and colors of different Berkey models varies, what stays consistent is their exceptional filtration quality. Berkey counter top gravity filter systems are equipped with removable filters which can be set up in different configurations to get the specific type of filtration you need.

For instance, appropriate out of the case, the Imperial Berkey is outfitted with four channels of two distinct assortments: two Berkey “Dark” channels and two fluoride channels. The Imperial Berkey can be expanded to 6 black berkey filters along with 6 PF-2 filters in the bottom chamber. This is a perfect setup for sifting your home water supply. For the individuals who need considerably more thorough filtration, the Berkey Imperial can be furnished with up to 6 channel components altogether. Despite on the off chance that you utilize water from the tap, a well, a catchment tank, a nearby water source, or regardless of whether you have to drink from surge waters or sloppy puddles in a crisis, the Berkey has the filtration energy to make your water consumable as well as even scrumptious.


About the Filter Elements

By and large, the mix of the Berkey Black and Fluoride/Arsenic channels is the perfect setup for universally useful utilize. The Berkey Black channel does the majority of the truly difficult work, giving the fundamental filtration component which is fit for expelling >99.9% of microorganisms, sores, protozoa parasites, and also handling especially precarious to-evacuate infections and other terrible organisms from your water. It additionally traps all particulates from tidy and leaves to infinitesimal contaminants. Then, the fluoride and arsenic channels trap those particular mixes as well as expel substantial metal particles from the water.

In the event that you were to essentially utilize your Imperial Berkey for at-home utilize where your exclusive concern was tidying up the faucet water, territories with included fluoride, an especially hard to expel component, will discover the PF-2 fluoride and arsenic channels to evacuate bothersome added substances while saving the general taste of the water. Interestingly, in the event that you utilize it outside to channel water from a stream or well, you could likely get by with no specific perceptible change by utilizing just the Berkey Black channel components.

Be that as it may, all in all, I would suggest the full Monty. Drinking water sifted through our Imperial Berkey with the arrangement of 2 PF-2 fluoride/2 Black channels leaves tap water tasting as flavorful as we’ve at any point had it. For the most part, we leave our Imperial Berkey on the counter and round it up frequently as out principle wellspring of drinking and cooking water. The 4.5 gallon limit completes an incredible activity of pleasing this by sufficiently giving space not to require consistent refilling for the duration of the day.

As far as life span, the Berkey completes an entirely great job. The PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic channels are evaluated for 1,000 gallons of utilization or 1 year. The Black Berkey channels last any longer, up to 6000 gallons, however intermittent cleaning (wiping the component and flushing it) is suggested for most extreme life expectancy. With the Imperial Berkey, you have to supplant the Fluoride/Arsenic channels about each 222 refills, while the Black Berkey components will last up to 1,333 refills! With a full substitution set of 2 Black/2 Fluoride components just costing about $140, general this is a truly decent deal and exceptionally respectable channel lifetime.

We have never wanted to reinforce our Imperial Berkey’s filtration so we have never tried different things with utilizing in excess of 4 channels, in spite of the reality it can oblige up to 6 channel components.

The rundown of everything the Berkey channel components have been tried for a really long time to list here. For a far reaching list, see this page on the Berkey site which incorporates definite data on the Black Filter components. For more data on the PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic channel, see this page from the Berkey site.

The Imperial Berkey IMP6X2-BB Disassembled with Two Black Berkey Filter Elements, Berkey channels have the slick component of being good with numerous different sorts of ledge gravity channels, from inside the Berkey mark and with different brands. One downside of the Berkey Black channels, in any case, is the way that they should be prepared before first utilize or after broadened times of not being utilized. Preparing requires a sink or hose which fastens to the Black Berkey channel component. For those without power or running water, preparing a Black Berkey off framework is marginally all the more a test, however unquestionably not a major issue. Berkey offers a manual, hand-worked Black Berkey Priming Pump, particularly for this reason.

A past adaptation of this article specified that taking action Berkey channels may be a test off-framework, however the people at Berkey offered us these supportive tips:

  1. While the stream rate will be much slower to begin, as a general rule the Black Berkey components can be utilized without preparing them first.
  2. The Black Berkey components can be prepared utilizing a Berkey Sport Bottle.
  3. Without submerging the component stems, they can be absorbed a container of water for a few hours.
  4. The Black Berkey Primer can be utilized to take action.

Utilizing the Imperial Berkey IMP6X2-BB Water Filtration System Everyday

IMP6X2-BB Imperial Berkey Counter-top Gravity water Filter In Two Halves on Side When the time has come to refill the Imperial Berkey, we don’t need to hold up long to make them drink water. It takes a smidgen for water to move through the gravity channel framework in the event that it is permitted to run dry, however the Imperial Berkey exceeds expectations at getting sifted water through rapidly. Some gravity channel frameworks take quite a while and experience the ill effects of poor stream rate, yet the Imperial Berkey’s capacity to channel up to 5 gallons of water for each hour is entirely noteworthy. The Berkey site guarantees that when legitimately designed, the Imperial Berkey can give water to upwards of 200-400 individuals per day in a crisis circumstance, yet serves the need of 4-8 individuals for ordinary regular utilization.

Unquestionably all that could possibly be needed for the water needs of your normal family unit. The stream rate is reliant on the kind of channels introduced. The Black Berkey channels appear to channel water substantially quicker, with the Arsenic/Fluoride channel backing off the procedure a bit. From the Berkey site: “[c]onfigured with 6 Black Berkey® Purification Elements, the Imperial Berkey® System can deliver up to 16.5 gallons (62.5 liters) of sanitized water every hour.”

Berkey Countertop Gravity Water Filter Stainless Steel StandIn terms of sturdiness and manufacture quality, the Imperial Berkey is fabricated like a tank. Produced using superb stainless steel, it doesn’t confer any flavor to the water it channels or holds, regardless of whether you leave water in it for broadened periods. Berkey’s quality building truly sparkles with the Imperial, which is splendidly simple to use to the point of acting naturally informative. Note that the Imperial is a vast ledge gravity channel, weighing around 13 pounds when unfilled and standing 26″ tall when completely amassed and being used.

Our Berkey really remains at an entire 32″ in stature on out contertop, since we utilize a stainless steel stand which is around 6″ tall. Unquestionably quite enormous, so ensure you have the space for it, or settle on a littler model. Likewise, we don’t prescribe attempting to deal with the Imperial Berkey when full, as it can weigh almost 50lbs. Whenever dismantled, the upper load slides into the lower one for a solitary unit which is 17″ tall, substantially simpler to tote around. Continuously vacant and dismantle the Imperial Berkey for simple transport.

Red Dye Filtration Test

The Red Dye Test is both a valuable method to ensure your Berkey Black Filter components are working appropriately and furthermore a noteworthy exhibition of their separating capacities. The maker prescribes testing your Black Berkey channel components by including red sustenance shading into water in the upper chamber and searching for red shading in the separated water that gravity conveys into the lower chamber. In a useful Berkey gravity channel, the red shading ought to be totally wiped out.


The Pros of Priming

Despite the fact that the extra advance of preparing may appear to be something of an additional issue, this is in reality particularly a component and not under any condition a disadvantage. While the advantages of preparing won’t not be quickly, it is recommended.

Please watch the following videos to get some more information:

How To Prime The Black Berkey Elements
How To Prime And Install The Post Filters

We think about preparing a star and not a con. It is a noteworthy necessity that the channel components can deal with true situations. While some channel components require long haul stockpiling in water and should be supplanted on the off chance that they dry out totally, Black Berkey® Purification Elements can be reprimed. The advantage is that in a crisis circumstance, the client does not have to spoil the channel components, or be concerned they could quit working and prompt potential introduction to debased sources.

Other frameworks that don’t require preparing demonstrate that if the channel ever dries completely then the channel is rendered pointless. Not so with the Black Berkey Purification Elements. This is a noteworthy disadvantage to different frameworks that don’t require preparing.

This is an essential reality to consider on the off chance that you are measuring the advantages and disadvantages of a framework with preparing versus without.

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