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Company Policies: Shipping, Returns, Warranty, Discounts/Coupons and Payments- Berkey Water Filter Canada


Domestic shipping procedure within Canada:

Berkey Water Filter Canada offers FREE shipping On Orders Over $99 within the Canadian Region. Please note that some Exceptions may apply for remote located areas, Remote areas in Canada are not eligible for free shipping, so please give us a message if you have any inquiries regarding our shipping terms and details. Shipping currently will be through Canada Post Expedited Parcel, and will expand through other channels in the future. The buyers/customers will be notified by email when their order has been processed and shipped by Canada post, and a tracking number will be provided so they can keep track of their parcel as it makes its way to them. It is very important for the buyers/customers to provide 100% percent accurate shipping address. The order will be shipped to the exact address provided in the “Shipping Address” field in the GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ final checkout page when making a purchase. Please note that GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ cannot make any changes to the shipping address provided once the package has been shipped. GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ is not liable for any packages that are lost due to inaccurate or incomplete address information. The buyers/customers are fully responsible so it is advised to check the address they provide. In the case of a returned product order due to incomplete or inaccurate address information the buyers/customers are responsible for all shipping fees that have been inccured and a 20% restocking fee for the item(s) purchased. When the product has been delivered, if any item is damaged and defective as a direct result of manufacturing, please contact GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™, www.globaltradersplus.ca and we will directly coordinate with the manufacturer to get the item(s) replaced at no extra cost to the buyers/customers as quickly as possible.

It is the responsibility of every customer to inspect their order for accuracy and any damage to the order immediately upon receiving their delivery for every order.

1. Free shipping on orders over $99 within Canada. Shipping charges apply on all order below $99. (Shipping procedure may change in the future)

2. Please ensure your shipping address along with your payment information is 100% accurate to avoid any discrepancies in the shipping process. We ship through Canada Post Expedited Parcel and other shipping channels/companies. You will be notified by e-mail once your order has been shipped and a tracking number will be provided to you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

3. Changes cannot be made to your shipping information once an order has been shipped. *GlobalTradersPlus is not responsible for packages lost due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information. Customer is responsible for all shipping fees in case of a return order due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information.

Berkey Discounts & Coupon Codes

Discounts for Purchasing Berkey® Systems

Discounts apply to a single order and shipped to a single address. Berkey systems that qualify for a bulk discount: Go Berkey Kit CanadaTravel Berkey CanadaBerkey Light CanadaBig Berkey CanadaRoyal Berkey CanadaImperial Berkey CanadaCrown Berkey Canada.

Discounts for Purchasing Berkey® Systems

Receive 5% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system > Enter this coupon code at checkout: 5
Receive 7.5% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system for orders from $1,019 – $3,392 > Enter this coupon code at checkout: 7.5
Receive 10% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system for orders over $3,393 > Enter this coupon code at checkout: 10

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International shipping procedure:

We ship our products worldwide. Worldwide shipping is available. Please email your mailing address and contact information for a shipping quote and any other questions and inquiries. Regular mail and courier services for delivery are available at the buyers/customers expense. It is to be noted that the buyer is responsible for all fees required for importation such as country and border customs, duties, taxes, and insurance among others. Please note that each country will have Its own set of rules and regulations[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text 0=””]

Notes to be taken into consideration:

  • Certain Berkey® filtration and purification systems are not to be sold in the states of California and/or Iowa.
  • We offer free shipping to USA (United States of America) on orders over $1,000, certain restrictions may apply.
  • We do not ship on holidays and weekends; some exceptions may be possible.
  • If you prefer not to require a signature on delivery, contact us as soon as you make a purchase. We cannot make a change after the shipping is processed
  • Title and risk of loss and damage pass to you upon our transfer of the products to the carrier. You will pay all shipping and handling charges specified during the ordering process. The schedules for shipping and handling are estimates only and they cannot be guaranteed and can be subject to change. at GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ is not liable for any delays in shipments.

The customer is responsible for any customs, brokerage or other fees that may be incurred as a result of the merchandise crossing their respective countries borders. Each country will have its own rules and regulations that must be followed. Merchandise refused, or returned for any reason from an order will incur a 20% re-stocking fee that will be deducted from the total amount refunded.

  • Shipping In Canada will be though Canada Post and other shipping channels (various channels; may be subject to change without notice)
  • Shipping made to other countries will be made through various shipping channels (may be subject to change without notice)
  • Berkey Water Filter Canada Ships Worldwide (Certain Area Restrictions May Apply)
  • Berkey Water Filter Canada Ships FREE Everywhere In Canada *On Orders Over $99* (Certain Restrictions May Apply)
  • Superior, On-Time, & Reliable customer support!
  • If you have any issues please e mail us at info@globaltradersplus.ca or gtradersplus@hotmail.com or call 905-447-2972
  • A toll free number is coming soon.
  • Items that are damaged or in unsalable condition will be deemed ineligible for a return or exchange. No exchange for used items.
  • Items should be shipped in its original packaging with all parts included in order to receive a full refund or exchange. Refunds or exchanges may take up to two – three weeks to process.

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Returns Policy:
Returns are a very rare occurrence due to the high customer satisfaction rate Berkey® provides to all its loyal users. For any reason if the buyers/customers don’t want their order after it has been placed and ordered, it will be treated as a returned product. If you are not satisfied with any item(s) you have purchased from GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ that have not been used, then you can email us within 14 days from the purchase date/receipt. Please note that used item(s) cannot be returned. The item(s) must be returned in the original packaging/retail box.
Return shipping costs and other fees are at the expense of the buyers/customers; unless there was an error made by us at GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™. if any item(s) are returned damaged by the effects of personal handing or return shipping, or returned in a non-resalable condition; it will not be eligible for an exchange or refund. In the case of returning an item(s), the buyers/customer are responsible for any fees endures buy return shipping, insurance, and other costs. A 20% restocking fee for the item(s) will also be added. Please note that restocking fees are all imposed by the manufacturer. A restocking fee is a percentage of the item’s price, depending on the type of item and the condition in which it is returned.
Once the receipt of the item(s) is confirmed, GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ will refund 80% of your original purchase minus any other costs such as shipping charges. Please note that these fees will also apply to system exchanges also.

Undelivered Packages:

When you place an order an order with GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™, our carrier packages; currently operated through Canada Post (for Canadian customers for international other carrier may be used) will attempt delivery at the address location provided by the buyer/customer. Please note that our carrier provider will grow in the near future and other carrier will be added for within Canada and out of Canada shipping. If your address is unavailable for delivery, Canada Post carriers will leave a notice card regarding delivery when you place an order with GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™. The delivery notice card will be placed in your mailbox or door advising you the buyer/customer of the attempted delivery, and stating that now your package is available at your local Canada postal service outlet/office for pickup.
The notice will briefly include a postal code address, and phone number to contact for more information details such as when to pick up. Canada post will send your package via your given order email address for exact Shipping-Exception-Delivery notifications. It will also include other information for you to get instant updates.
Your packages must be picked up within prescribed time as per Canada post / other carrier as applicable, so it is important to keep note of when your package has arrived. If you have any questions and queries you can contact GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ or Canada Post. If the package is not picked up within Prescribed time as per Canada post / other carrier, then it will be returned to GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™. The buyer/customer is responsible for all the shipping fees. All product(s) will be incurred/asset 20% restocking fee for all item(s) returned that were undelivered.

Notes to be taken into consideration:

– Order cancellations or changes may not be possible after 1 day (24 hours) of the order even if they haven’t entered the shipping process, so please check everything before finalizing your purchase(s).

– Defects caused by misuse to the item or improper operation are not covered under this policy. If you determine the item to be damaged by the carrier service, please contact the carrier service and complete a damage report. We can file a claim for you only at the carrier’s request.

– If your order is incorrect, missing an item(s), or is damaged upon receipt, please let us know and we will contact the manufacturer.

– Undeliverable or Refused packages returned to us will incur 20% handling fee which will be deducted from the amount refunded. This package can be sent back upon your request with the cost of shipping, handling, and other procedures that may apply.

– Replacements and store credits will be issued only after we receive the product and determine it is in “good working order” as defined in the Return Instructions. If your request for a replacement or store credit is made after 14 days from the date of product delivery, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee and will be responsible for the cost of shipping the damaged or incorrect item(s) back to us. Filters that have already been in use are not eligible for a return/refund as they cannot be resold for health and safety reasons.

– Refunds will only be considered if the return request is made within 14 days of product delivery. No exceptions will be made for refund requests submitted after 14 days. The customer is responsible for return shipping fees and there is a 20% restocking fee of the item(s). Once there is a confirmed receipt of the item(s), GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™, will refund 80% of your original purchase price. These fees will also apply to system exchanges as well. The items must be unused and returned in the original retail box/packaging.

No Berkey Products can be shipped to the state of California or the state of Iowa, until further notice.

We at GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ strive to provide our customers with amazing and supportive customer experience. All the policies made about are made to keep the fees and costs down for the buyers/consumers and to make the process of purchasing the item(s) as efficient as possible without any hassle and trouble. However, if you have any further questions or inquiries, please contact GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ Customer Support.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2988″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text 0=””]

Limited Warranty

General Warranty Information:
Berkey® water filters are the best water filters in a saturated market with many other water filter companies.NOTE: All Berkey products are warrantied by the Berkey manufacturer New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.
New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. warrants their product against defects in materials or workmanship during ordinary consumer use. This limited warranty does not cover product issues caused by any other reason, for the time periods and conditions set forth below. For a period not to exceed twelve months from the original date of purchase of the product, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. will, solely at its discretion, replace a stainless steel system or component that it deems is not functioning properly during the stated warranty period. GlobalTradersPlus Inc will perform the limited warranty through the Berkey Manufacturer New Millenium Concepts, Ltd.
The stainless steel systems (includes all excluding the Berkey® light) have a 12-month (365 days) warranty.
Black Berkey® purification elements and the Berkey® earth have a 2-year (730 days) prorated warranty that is calculated in 6 months (180 days +-) intervals. Our guarantee is pro-rated which is similar to the guarantee on tire tread. In simpler words that means if you have the filters for 6 months (180- days +-), 75% of the guarantee still applies so you can get the replacement set for an amazing 25% the normal cost of the item. Please message us for more detailed information regarding that.
All other components and the add-ons such as the replacement items and accessories have a 6 month (180 days) warranty. GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ (www.globaltradersplus.ca, www.globaltradersplus.com- coming soon) warrants this product to be free from any defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months (180 days +-) from the purchase date uncles specified otherwise. GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ will repair or replace any item(s) that are deems; not properly functioning during the stated period time of warranty. Relief under this warranty is strictly only limited to the repair or replacement of defective materials or workmanship order only. Please know that GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ is not liable for any consequential or incidental damage cause to personal property from, but not strictly, limited to; neglect, abuse, improper use of any item(s) accident, defective unit etc.
No warranty will apply to units which have been used for purposes not intended or which have been altered to as in various specifications as in the manufacturers judgment to affect any adversely to its performance etc. This warranty is for the original retail purchase only and CANNOT be transferred.
GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ has full warranties on the Berkey® line of product(s) and item(s). If you have any questions or inquires you may contact GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ anytime to report any problems or issues you may have with your product. We have customer service available 24/7, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ is an outstanding, upstanding, and reliable company that provides quality services that will promptly address your wants and needs. You can email us at the following addresses for quick responses:
1) info@globaltradersplus.ca
2) gtradersplus@hotmail.com
3) globaltradersplus@gmail.com

Notes to be taken into consideration:

– The Berkey® PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters and all Berkey® accessories are covered under a six-month (180 days +-) warranty.

– All Berkey® products are warrantied by the Berkey® manufacturer New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.  Systems (not including filters) have a 12-month (365 days) warranty, and black filters are covered under a 2-year (730 days) pro-rated warranty.

  • Once the Black Berkey filters have been used, they cannot be returned for a money back clause. A new set of filters will be given if there is any problem. (* Terms & Conditions Apply *)

– New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. warrants their product against defects in materials or workmanship during ordinary consumer use. This limited warranty does not cover product issues caused by any other reason, for the time periods and conditions set forth below. For a period not to exceed twelve months from the original date of purchase of the product, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. will, solely at its discretion, replace a stainless steel system or component that it deems is not functioning properly during the stated warranty period.

– New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. and GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ shall not be held liable for incidental or consequential damage to personal property from, but not limited to, a defective unit, improper use, abuse, accident, or neglect, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to prevent misuse of the system and to replace parts, when, due to the natural course of wear and tear, they must be replaced. To obtain warranty service, you must have and provide a dated receipt for the product and pay for any shipping charges incurred to return the product. Without a dated receipt this procedure is not possible to do.
– This warranty will not apply to units which have been used for purposes not intended, which have been altered so as, in the manufacturers judgment, to adversely affect its performance. This warranty is for the original retail purchaser only, and cannot be transferred.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text 0=””]The following actions will void your warranty coverage:

1) Breaking the Berkey® elements due to various reasons such as carelessness or dropping an assembled system, filters, and accessions.
2) Attempting and using the Berkey® earth DE filter elements or the ceramic super sterasyl filtration elements in a pressurized manner. The black Berkey® purification elements are the only Berkey® elements that require priming.
3) Using dehumidifier water with any of the Berkey® elements for daily, weekly, or monthly use.
4) Using the water from any type of water softening system. Please not that this action may clog the Berkey® elements or cause the stainless steel to rust and be damaged.
5) Allowing any of the Berkey® elements to freeze. The elements are not to used or put inside any freezer of some soft.
6) Performing a red food coloring test with the Berkey® PF-2 fluoride and arsenic reduction filters attached. The Berkey® PF-2 fluoride and arsenic reduction filters must be removed prior to performing a red food coloring test in order to stay in compliance with the 6 month (180 days +-) warranty on these filters.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row 0=””][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”8615″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”2991″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column 0=””][vc_column_text 0=””]


Berkey Canada – GlobalTradersPlus Inc.™ accepts payments for all major payment gateways and credit cards. All payments are processed via PayPal.
We also accept Interac/Bank e-Transfers.
Please note that all transactions are secure and encrypted. Credit card information is never stored. All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
PLEASE NOTE: We price match all prices from other AUTHORIZED dealers, distributors, companies, and websites. (Certain restrictions may apply).
Terms, rates, and procedures can be changed in the future without advanced or further notice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row 0=””][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_single_image image=”3005″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text 0=””]

“A Great Day Begins with A Glass of Fresh Water”

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How To Order

We Offer 3 Convenient Ways For You To Order.

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1. Visit Product Page You Would Like To Purchase.
2. Complete The Order Form And Submit.
3. An Online Invoice Will Be Sent Including The Shipping Cost.
4. Pay Invoice Online.
5. Product Will Be Sent Out.

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Place Your Order By Phone:


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Place Your Order By Email:

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