Berkey VS Propur


Berkey VS Propur

A question we often get is “which filter is better, the Berkey or the Propur?”

The Big Berkey is much more powerful that any other filter in it’s class. It removes viruses more than >99.99%. It has a much faster rate of water purification and it is the most economical filter available today!

The advantages of separating your own special water at home are enormous. Settling on the choice to channel water is straightforward from a well being and monetary perspective yet does not address the subject of what our best water channel suggestion is for your particular situation. From the single water filtration pitcher to the under sink channel and the entire house models, it is critical for purchasers to comprehend what they are spending for and why.

While our organization trusts that having any water channel is superior to anything no water channel, there are still decisions out there that are superior to the rest. Separating water can help scrub water, disposing of these toxins and making it safe to expend, while commonly upgrading its taste. Recorded beneath we have two water purifiers, one made by Berkey and the other by Propur, that are supportable and extraordinarily flexible.

The Berkey water channel framework is so effective it is delegated a purifier. This classification uncovers that we far go past the capacities of the standard water channel. The compact Berkey can be utilized to channel non-consumable or unfortunate water in situations where electrical vitality and weight are not accessible. For average regular water from your spigot or for cruel conditions like wells, waterways, and lakes, Berkey is the most versatile and adaptable sifting framework promptly accessible. Berkey water costs just 1.7 pennies for every gallon to deliver. The cleanable Black Berkey substitution channels give a financially savvy, effective and solid long haul answer for poor water quality worries that can not be likened to. Our most mainstream outline, the Big Berkey has a continuing reputation of value and administration. This reputation is the factor we are trusted far and wide by different overall help associations to supply clean crisis circumstance drinking water to workers and inhabitants all through circumstances of emergency or cataclysmic event.

Please note, we will soon sell many other brands such as Propur and Alexapure in the near future.



Berkey Water Purifier                                 Propur Water Purifier                                    Alexapure Water Purifier


Propur gravity channel frameworks have been used for quite a while in light of the fact that they are basic and moderate to use. Since they require no power and can be setup rapidly in a crisis, they are as often as possible utilized by calamity alleviation organizations. Not simply are they incredible for home use but rather are in like manner used at the workplace, open air outdoors, or at the inn. ProPur frameworks are accessible in 5 sizes and have various highlights not found on the contenders. Our frameworks incorporate stainless steel nozzles, non-slip cushions (say farewell to rings), discretionary wire stands, and discretionary creator surfaces.

NOTE: The outline underneath is in USD and is obsolete. It will at present be useful for you.

1 Gallon = 3.8 Liters.

The ProPur Scout is their latest and most minor framework. When you require a minimal size framework for in a hurry and holds 55oz, it’s awesome. Propur’s next size framework is the ProPur Traveler. It holds 1.75 gallons, and is in like manner a tremendous size for going up against the roadway when you have more space and require more water. The ProPur Nomad holds 2.1 gallons and is fabulous for 1-2 people. The ProPur Big can hold 2.75 gallons and will serve a group of 2-4 individuals. The Big can hold around three of our ProBlack or ProOne channels. The ProPur King is the best water purifier for you on the off chance that you require a considerable measure of water. It holds four gallons of separated water and can utilize something like 4 channels at once.

You truly can’t turn out badly with both of these two water channels. Berkey is a greater brand and is more known than Propur however the two items are of high caliber and will last you for a considerable length of time. The one edge up that Berkey has is it’s named a water purifier because of various substances it can sift through of your water. Getting any of these water channels in your home will be an incredible decision for a considerable length of time to come!



[A] = Purification Standards: Element must evacuate/inactivate a wide range of pathogenic life forms. In particular, component must evacuate two types of infection to 4 Log10 (=>99.99%) and expel pathogenic microscopic organisms to 6 Log10 (=> 99.9999%) and evacuate pimples to 3 Log10 (=> 99.9%). This makes Berkey frameworks the main genuine gravity nourished sanitization frameworks.

Refinement Challenge: The Standard has chosen 3 kinds of test living beings: Bacteria (Klebsiella terrigena), Viruses (Polio and Rota) and Protozoan Cysts (Giardia or Cryptosporidium).

VIROLOGY – Demonstration of a 4 Log10 (99.99%) lessening is required on the joined polio/rota infection challenge framework. BACTERIOLOGY – Demonstration of a 6 Log10 (99.9999%) diminishment is required for the Klebsiella terrigena bacterial test. Growth REMOVAL – Demonstration of a 3 Log10 (99.9%) lessening is required for the sores utilizing Cryptosporidium or Giardia.

[B] = Number in view of 2 gallons for every day per individual, framework utilized 12 hours for every day.

[C] = Aqua Crock, Doulton GSS-2, Ceragrav LP-5 all utilization Doulton Filter Elements – future is 525 gallons or a half year, whichever happens first.

[D] = Claim made is 2 years or 3,000 gallons; while the maker of their Doulton channel components expresses the future is 535 gallons or a half year whichever happens first.

[E] = While the organization asserts their components will keep going for 3,000 gallons on their correlation graph, we utilized the cases of the producer, which express that the life of the components is just 1,500 gallons or a year whichever happens first.

[F] = Calculation in light of every component delivering 3 gallons when utilized for 12 hours for each day amid 365 day greatest suggested time confinement.

[G] = Calculation in view of every component creating 12 gallons if utilized for 12 hours for each day amid 182 day most extreme prescribed time confinement.

[H] = Cost per gallon presumes most extreme gallon claims came to preceding “substitution time restriction” above and figured in light of “max day by day yield” above, whichever is less or happens first.

[I] = Successfully exhibits evacuation of tiny red nourishment shading particulate from source water at 1 tablespoon of red sustenance shading per gallon.

[J] = Test is intended to decide whether high turbidity (bigger particulate) source water will stop up components which may render them inadequate amid real crisis conditions. 1 tbsp carbon tidy for each gallon. Stream rate diminishment of <25%=Pass, >25%=Fail.

[K] = NSF Claims: No posting on NSF site as of production date. NSF has affirmed that ProPur has not been guaranteed by their association

Where data was accessible and distributed, this data was utilized. Where data was not accessible, data was ascertained, for example, in F and L above, utilizing the accessible distributed data. Where distributed data on frameworks was in strife with the distributed data by the producer, for example, in C, D, and E above, things are featured in orange.

Information in view of maker’s future claims as opposed to the cases of the producer’s client. Data gathered from sites, corporate writing, interior testing and outside free sources is accepted to be exact at time of production (5/15/12). Neither this diagram nor it’s maker expect any risk, suggested, communicated or accepted.

There are other gravity bolstered channel frameworks that claim they are not to be utilized with micro-biologically dangerous or faulty water. We picked not to incorporate those frameworks in this correlation outline.


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