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Berkey Water Filter Systems

Go Berkey Water Filter Kit – 0.25 Gallons – 0.95 Litres (1 Person)
Travel Berkey – 1.5 Gallons – 5.7 Litres (1-2 People)
Travel Berkey Earth – 1.5 Gallons – 5.7 Litres (1-2 People)
Big Berkey – 2.25 Gallons – 8.5 Litres (1-4 People)
Big Berkey Earth – 2.25 Gallons – 8.5 Litres (1-4 People)
Berkey Light – 2.75 Gallons – 10.4 Litres (2-5 People)
Berkey Earth Light – 2.75 Gallons – 10.4 Litres (2-5 People)
Royal Berkey – 3.25 Gallons – 12.3 Litres (2-6 People)
Royal Berkey Earth  – 3.25 Gallons – 12.3 Litres (2-6 People)
Imperial Berkey – 4.5 Gallons – 17 Litres (4-8+ People)
Imperial Berkey Earth – 4.5 Gallons – 17 Litres (4-8+ People)
Crown Berkey – 6 Gallons – 22.7 Litres (6-12+ People)
Crown Berkey Earth – 6 Gallons – 22.7 Litres (6-12+ People)

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Berkey Water Filter

Ultimate in Water Purification

Berkey Canada is an authorized dealer to offer Berkey Water Filters in Canada and rest of the world. Berkey Water Purifiers are the World’s Most Powerful and Cost Effective Personal Water purification Systems Providing Reliable and User-obliging Water Filtering in Both Normal and Hostile Filtration Environments.

Furthermore, Berkey Water Filter structures are fit for refining both treated water and untreated rough water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stale lakes and water supplies in outside countries, where controls may be substandard, most ideal situation. So incredible, this Berkey Filter structure can remove red sustenance shading from water without ousting the beneficial minerals your body needs. Perfect for common use and a flat out need in undermining conditions where control, water weight or treated water may not be open.

Berkey Water Filter’s Natural Purification Systems are an authoritative in water cleaning and the ideal individual security and voyaging partners. These water channels are used worldwide for ordinary, disagreeable and emergency conditions to give the absolute best, sparkling clean water possible…

For a very long time, prosperity discerning people the world over have seen that the foundation of a sound life and strong body is flawless, fresh drinking water. This basic principal part is the explanation behind benefitting as much as possible from your longest, most gainful life. No proportion of vitamins or improvements can substitute for the key life-supporting properties found in encouraging, invigorating drinking water. It is really the foundation of life – So get your Berkey Water Filter from Berkey Canada Today

Deplorably, tying down your passageway to extraordinary tasting, shining, sound drinking water can be harder than you may foresee. Water is frequently bound with chlorine, lead, irregular measures of damaging organisms, and other unwanted engineered mixes and contaminants. A great part of the time these convey offensive tastes and aromas. In reality, even sifted water can contain these equal contaminants, and furthermore, it is to a great degree exorbitant. Many water channels accessible are substandard. Most water channels don’t clear pathogenic minuscule life forms and many remove the worthwhile minerals that your body needs.

Perhaps that is the reason Berkey Water Filter have for a long while been seen as the world’s conclusive in water cleansing. This clear, significantly effective method for using gravity was made appropriate around 200 years earlier… yet regardless of all that it conveys a part of the best, most empowering drinking water available. Directly you can buy the Berkey Filter from our site Berkey Water Filter Canada

Berkey Canada

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  • HEALTHY – Berkey Water Filter systems are far better than other filtration frameworks since they evacuate infections, destructive pathogenic microscopic organisms, sores and parasites and in addition unfortunate compound sullies and contaminations while leaving in the basic minerals your body needs.  Berkey Filter systems deliver for all intents and purposes the most restorative, spotless and delectable water accessible.
  • CONVENIENT – Berkey Water Filters systems offered by Berkey Canada assembles in minutes without devices, power, water weight or plumbing.  What’s more, they are easy to work and keep up.
  • ECONOMICAL – Berkey Filter systems are effectively the most efficient water cleansing framework you can own.  Their interesting plan enables you to effortlessly expel and clean the sanitization components again and again.
  • POWERFUL – Berkey Water Purification systems can without much of a stretch clean common faucet water, yet are so ground-breaking, they productively cleanse crude, untreated water from such sources as remote lakes and streams.  What’s more, Berkey Water Filter systems are the perfect water refinement frameworks to have close by in case of catastrophic events, for example, power outages, storms, surges, seismic tremors and additionally neighborhood or national crises, when treated faucet water may not be accessible.
  • FLEXIBLE – Berkey Water Filter systems are so helpful and simple to utilize, you can take them anyplace: on excursions, chasing and outdoors trips, school quarters and they are perfect frameworks for RVs, joy specialty and cabin way of life.
  • ELEGANT –  Berkey Canada provides exquisite high-review cleaned 304 treated steel plan which makes Berkey Water Filters an appealing expansion to any kitchen or home yet every framework is both tough and strong.
  • Demonstrated HISTORY –  The same high caliber and viability of the gravity filtration process that is used in Berkey Water Filter systems, has stood the trial of time.  Gravity filtration has been utilized by alleviation associations, for example, UNICEF, the Peace Corps, Red Cross Societies Internationally, preachers and help specialists in more than 140 nations all through the world.
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